JSW accelerates work in proposed areas, launches corona awareness chariot on behalf of the compan

Paradeep, 2/2: Panbaraj demolition and land acquisition work for the upcoming JSW project in Dhinkia Nuagaon and Gadkujang panchayats under Ersama tehsil near Paradip is nearing completion. To date, 419 liquor stores have been demolished, of which 665 have been provided with financial assistance. In addition, the JSW has provided more than Rs 6,000 per decimetre to the Barji who broke the bar during the POSCO company. To date, 406 people have been provided with this increased amount. On the other hand, the proposed 15-km wall was planned to be built in the proposed area, but to date, a distance of 4 km and 24 meters has been identified. This includes the boundaries of Patna Mahal and Dhinkia and Gobindpur villages of Dhenkia Panchayat in all places. About one kilometer of the pre-cast wall has been completed.

In addition, the JSW project aims to identify 70,000 trees in the proposed area, of which 2,000 have been identified so far, of which more than 8,000 have been counted. All these counting trees are among the killings of locals in Gobindpur village. The process of identifying the forest committee will then begin. The horticulture department has announced an increase in the cost of fruit trees, while the beneficiaries will be compensated accordingly. Locals are coming in individually and in groups to negotiate with the district administration and company authorities. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. ”


A corona awareness chariot was launched today by the JSW Foundation. The awareness chariot was inaugurated by Dr. Prahlad Panda, Head of Paradip Port Trust Hospital. The mobile awareness chariot will travel to the surrounding areas, including the urban areas of Paradip, to raise awareness about the Karona epidemic, as well as vaccination. In the villages and towns, Asha activists and health officials went from house to house explaining to the people about the Karona epidemic and vaccination, while JSD Blue hopes that the mobile awareness chariot will be very helpful. Manish Gupta, senior officer of JSD Blue, and Dr. Basant Kumar Raut, head of Atharbanki Biju Memorial Hospital, and other officials of the company were present at today’s function

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