Preity Zinta to miss IPL Auction

Mumbai,11/2: Bollywood actress Preity Zinta, the co-owner of Punjab Kings, has walked out of the IPL 2022 Mega Auction. Preeti has recently become a mother, in view of the corona epidemic, she cannot leave the child and come to India. This actress gave this information through social media. IPL 2021 Mega Auction will be held in Bengaluru from February 12-13. This time instead of 8, 10 teams will be part of the auction.


47-year-old Preity Zintane uploaded a picture of herself on her official Twitter handle on Friday, a day before the auction, tweeted, ‘I will not be able to participate in IPL Auction 2022 this time. I cannot come to India leaving my little child. For the last few days, my team and I have been busy discussing auctions and all things cricket together. I want to ask my fans if they have any player suggestion for our team.


This year I’m going to miss the IPL Auction as I cannot leave my little ones & travel to India.The last couple of days have been hectic discussing d auction & all things cricket with our team.I wanted to reach out to our fans & ask them if they hv any player suggestions.

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