Missiles will replace ‘kattas’ in Lucknow, says Rajnath Singh

UP, 16/2: In a big development, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday attacked Samajwadi Party, saying “kattas” (locally-made pistols) were commonly made during its government, but under BJP they will be replaced by missiles.



Addressing election rallies in Malihabad (Lucknow) and Babupurva (Kanpur), the union minister said such a missile is now going to be made in Lucknow, as can be fired at the enemy from 400-600 kms away.


Praising Jai Devi, the BJP candidate from Malihabad seat, and her husband Union Minister Kaushal Kishor, the Minister said Lucknow will see manufacture of big guns (“goli nahi gola”) now.

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