Cryptocurrency market falls by 10 percent amidst war tension

New Delhi, 24/2: Cryptocurrency News: The sound of explosions between Russia and Ukraine (Russia Ukraine Crisis) is nothing less than a nightmare for the stock markets around the world. From Europe to Asia, all the markets have fallen. There has also been a big decline in the cryptocurrency market on Thursday. Today at 10:00 am, the Global Crypto Market Cap had fallen by 8.27%. Today it is $1.58 trillion as against $1.72 trillion yesterday.


There is no such currency in Thursday’s fall, which has not seen a decline. Everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum is red. Barring Terra-LUNA, the top 10 currencies have recorded a decline of about 10 percent.



The biggest currency Bitcoin (Bitcoin Price Today) was trading down 7.99% at $34,900.78, while the price of Ethereum (Ethereum Price Today) fell 9.58% to $2,384.04 in the last 24 hours. Talking about the last one week, Bitcoin has lost 19.88%, while Ether has lost 22.34%. At the time of writing the news, the market dominance of Bitcoin in the crypto market was 41.9%, while the market dominance of Ethereum was 18.1%.

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