CM Naveen thanks people of Odisha and party workers for brilliant victory in Panchayat election

Bhubaneswar, 2/3: Chief Minister and Biju Janata Dal president Shri Naveen Patnaik today spoke to the party MPs, MLAs, district presidents and observers in a virtual manner in preparation for the upcoming municipal elections. On the occasion, the Chief Minister thanked all the people of Odisha and the party workers for the huge success of the party in the last panchayat elections. The Chief Minister said, “I thank all the people of Odisha for this extraordinary and unprecedented achievement in the panchayat elections. The people of Odisha have once again expressed their faith in our work. The victory set a new record for democratic elections. The people of all parts of the west, the coast, the north and the south, of Odisha, all of Odisha, have equally blessed the Biju Janata Dal in this election. ”


“These blessings and love inspire us to work even harder.”


“I would like to thank our staff and well-wishers who have worked together day and night, giving up all their pleasures and bringing our government’s policies and programs to the people.”


“It simply came to our notice then. This is the achievement of the people of Odisha, who have faith in our governance. Finally, in a democracy, the people’s voice is supreme and public opinion is clear and unambiguous in all the panchayats in the state. ”


“The Biju Janata Dal has humbly accepted the views of the people of Odisha. We will continue to do our best. ”


“Now is the time for Urban Election,” he said, urging the opposition to be vigilant during the forthcoming municipal elections. You know how much the opposition has campaigned in the panchayat elections. He told lies and slandered my government to discredit my government. But the people of Odisha did not pay attention to them. They will campaign in the upcoming Urban Election. It is the responsibility of our working brothers and sisters to open the mouth of the opposition to the people. ”


Commenting on the Biju Janata Dal’s ideals and urban development, the Chief Minister said, “We believe in Positive Politics. Positive politics. Transformative Governance and people’s empowerment are our hallmarks. There has been a lot of good work done in the urban area. The Space Mission has created a new benchmark for the city’s poor. From street light to Indoor Stadium, from good drinking water to modern Waste Management systems, new employment opportunities for Mission Shakti mothers, ward and citizen facilities at the ward level, and online municipal services. All of our programs have been designed with the welfare of the citizens in mind. We are committed to the empowerment of all, starting with the slum dwellers, the owners of the apartments, the mothers, the children and the youth ………….


“We must take these programs to the people,” he said, noting that the people of Odisha will never accept negative politics. The lies and negatives of the opposition have to be dealt with through our positive and honest efforts. I am confident that you will continue to work hard in Urban Election, just as you did in this panchayat election. “Once again we can gain the trust and blessings of the people and show the opposition that the politics of lies and deception will not work in Odisha.”


“Politics is not just about power,” he said. In a democracy, it is the people who are the source of power. The people living in the most remote parts of the state need to believe that the Biju Janata Dal is always working for its welfare and its Empowerment. The Chief Minister urged everyone to spread the word.


Finally, the Chief Minister once again thanked the people of Odisha and all the people for this unprecedented mandate.

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