Has Russia conquered Kyiv?

Kyiv, 3/3: About eight days after Russia’s waging war in Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War), the Russian army is seen establishing its control (Russian Contron on Kyiv) over the capital Kyiv. The Russian Defense Ministry has released a video of a convoy of Russian military and military vehicles. Long convoys of Russian military vehicles, tankers, helicopters and armored vehicles are seen in Kyiv, shared on the Twitter handle of Russia’s state-run media organization RT. The scene of the devastation of Ukraine can also be clearly seen in the video. Where damaged buildings, destroyed military tankers are clearly visible. Many Russian soldiers are also seen in this video.

Russian troops have reached in large numbers in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and second largest city Kharkiv. Shelling in Kharkyiv is going on in Kharkiv for the last two days. In such a situation, people leaving Kharkiv are taking refuge in Poland and Hungary. India has also instructed its citizens to leave Kharkiv at the earliest.
Vulnerable Ukrainian citizens taking refuge in neighboring countries
In solidarity, compassion and solidarity for some of the most vulnerable citizens of Ukraine fleeing, residents of Poland and Hungary are welcoming them with open arms and keeping humanity alive even in times of war.

On Wednesday, a train arrived at Hungary’s Jahoni station in which about 200 people were physically and mentally challenged. Due to the Russian attack, people living in two orphanages for the disabled in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv reached Hungary by this train.

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