Top Russian General Killed by Ukraine Sniper..

Moscow, 3/3: The Russia-Ukraine War, which has been going on for the last 9 days, is becoming fierce. Meanwhile, there is news of a big blow to Russia in this. Ukraine has claimed that it has killed Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky, deputy commander of the 41st Combined Armed Forces of Russia’s Central Military District (CMD), by its forces. The Ukrainian Army got this success during the ongoing conflict in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. This is being considered a big blow for Russia. However, Russia has not confirmed this. Ukraine has also said a large number of casualties of Russian soldiers, but there has been no confirmation from the Russian side.


According to the report of Britain’s newspaper ‘Mail Online’, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not confirmed Sukhovetsky’s death. But his fellow military officer Sergei Chipiliov has given information about this on social media. It is said that the funeral of Major General Sukhovetsky can take place on Saturday. Significantly, since the start of the war, Russia has been denying the martyrdom of its soldiers till now. However, a day earlier, he had admitted that 498 of his soldiers have been killed so far. While 1,600 have been injured. At the same time, the Ukrainian Army claims that it has killed about 9,000 soldiers from Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, it is difficult to confirm this figure even in the midst of the fierce war between Russia-Ukraine.


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