US refuses to provide Ukraine F-16 fighter jets

Kyiv, 10/2: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for 15 days. Meanwhile, giving a big blow to Ukraine, America has rejected Poland’s offer of 28 MiG-29 Fighter Jets. The US Defense Ministry rejected a proposal to transfer Poland’s MiG-29 fighter jet to a US Air Force base in Germany.


America has rejected this very important offer at a time when the fierce war between Ukraine and Russia is going on. The Russian army has surrounded the capital Kyiv and is only a few kilometers away from the capital. To deal with Russia, Ukrainian President Zelensky is constantly pleading with Western countries to provide fighter jets.


Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, while addressing the media on Wednesday, said that Poland is unable to accept the offer. Poland had proposed that these fighter jets be transferred to Ramstein Airbase in America. After this, from there he should be sent to help Ukraine against Russia. Kirby said that if these planes are sent from Germany to Ukraine from conflict areas, it will become a matter of serious concern for the entire NATO alliance. Russian fighter jets are currently patrolling and bombing the skies of Ukraine.




The US spokesperson said that we will continue to consult with Poland and other NATO countries about this. Poland’s proposal came at a time when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged the US to hand over these planes to them on Saturday. After this, Poland made a statement that it would also call on other NATO countries to hand over their fighter jets to Ukraine, which the Air Force has training to fly.


Another US foreign affairs official, Victoria Nuland, said that Poland had not consulted the US before making this offer. Let us tell you that the US government was shocked by this move of Poland. Officials of the US Intelligence Department and the Ministry of Defense opposed the transfer of these planes. Poland has said that America should give them F-16 fighter jets in place of MiG-29s.

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