Mamata writes to Oppn against BJP’s attack on democracy using central agencies

Kolkata, 29/3: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday wrote to all Opposition leaders and chief ministers “expressing concern over BJP’s direct attacks on democracy” with the use of central agencies.



“Central agencies are jolted to action when elections are round the corner,” Mamata wrote.


“I urge that all of us come together for a meeting to deliberate on the way forward at a place as per everyone’s convenience and suitability,” she said in her letter to Opposition leaders.



She called on all “progressive forces” to join hands to fight the “oppressive BJP regime”.



“I am writing to you to express deep concern over direct attacks on this country’s institutional democracy by the ruling BJP,” the letter dated March 27 said.


It was shared with the media on Tuesday morning.


“Let us commit to the cause of a unified and principled opposition that will make way for the government that our country deserves,” she added.






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