Backdoor efforts under way to reach deal between Pakistan PM and Opposition

Islamabad, 31/3: With Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan virtually losing the majority in the 342-member National Assem­bly after defection of two key allies, backdoor efforts are under way to reach a deal between the premier and the joint opposition to dissolve the lower house, according to a highly placed source.



The highly placed source in the federal government told PTI on Thursday that backdoor talks between the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government and the joint opposition are under way on the issue of no-confidence motion against Khan.


“Talks are focused on one-point – the joint opposition withdraws the no-trust motion against Khan and in return he dissolves the National Assembly calling for fresh elections,” the source said.


“The top man in the establishment may be a guarantor if the understanding (deal) between the opposition and the government reaches,” he added.

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