Imran Khan to face trust vote today

Islamabad, 3/4: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s career was at stake on Sunday as he faced a difficult vote to oust him, potentially leading to fresh political instability in the nuclear-armed country of 220 million people.


A united opposition has tabled a no-confidence motion against Khan for a parliamentary session starting at 11:30 a.m. (0630 GMT). If they remain united, Khan is set to fall below the 172 votes needed to survive the no-confidence vote.


On the streets of the capital Islamabad, there was a heavy police and paramilitary presence, with shipping containers used to block off roads, according to a Reuters witness.


The opposition blames Khan for failing to revive the economy and crack down on corruption. He says, without citing evidence, that the move to oust him has been orchestrated by the United States, a claim Washington denies.

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