Crime Branch takes Sharmistha and Jhuna on 3 days police remand

Bhubaneswar, 5/4: Crime Branch has taken four accused persons Sarmista Rout, JhunaBhoi on three days police remand in the second phase in connection with Manas Swain murder case. During interrogation the accusedJhunaBhoi is cooperating with the investigation.

On 4.4.2022 CB team visited the house of Manas in Ranapur. The family members (wife and brother) identified the half burnt chappal and half burnt ear phone of Manas recovered from Chandikhol. As the memory chip was last with Manas, CB team conducted search of the house of Manas at Ranapur and no memory chip could be found there.

During course of investigation CB team has visited the murder spot at Dayal ashram. The accused persons had assaulted Manas by means of three split bamboo lathis(adhaphaliabaunsha) and one wooden branch of a tree. The CB team had seized all four weapons of offense as per the lead given by the caretaker of the Ashram. The caretaker had thrown the weapons of offense through the window on the instruction from Sharmistha Rout. Accused JhunaBhoi has also identified the weapons of offense. Also the weapons of offense were produced before the Professor FMT, SCB Cuttack. The Professor has opined that the injuries on the body of Manas to be possible by the seized weapons of offense and such injuries can cause death in ordinary course of nature.

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