The state-level stockist and super stockist workshop of Bharat Masala concluded

Cuttack, 10/4: : 22 years have passed since the inception .We have been plagued frrom floods, storms, hurricane to epidemics such as Covid.Bharat Masala Company manufactures stands tall during the adversity . The goods are transported to every corner of the state and exported to outside states. 

Business is the main goal, but we never compromised with the Product . Bharat masala prioritizes agriculture and farmers in the stateThe spice company collects agricultural raw materials from different districts of Odisha Using state-of-the-art technology in its products

As a result, though the products of other companies are on the market demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.Quality of production using a wide range of cryogenic grinding machines

The state-level meeting in Puri, which lasted for four days from April 1, is said to have increased

Managing Director of Bharat Masala Sushant Kumar Panda said at Stockists and Super Stockists Workshops

Mr. Panda joined the discussion

Stockists and super stockists in terms of distribution production, price, quality asking and understanding from different angles to further expand the business

Stockist and super stockist cames from different districts of the state.Bharat Masala Stockists and Superstores, ASM, Marketing Head, SalesCoordinator, Director Srimanta Kumar Panda, General Manager Ashwini

Kumar Das was the keynote speaker

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