Hardik Patel took a subtle dig at Congress Party

Ahmedabad, 14/4: Ahead of the assembly elections to be held in Gujarat later this year, there is a possibility of great turmoil in the Congress party. Hardik Patel, a big leader of Patidar society and working president of State Congress, has targeted his own party. He has accused the Patidar community of insulting him, accusing him of being ignored in the Congress. He has said that in Gujarat Congress, my condition is like that of a groom who has been sterilized after marriage.



Hardik, who became the youngest president of the state Congress at the age of 26, on Wednesday alleged that the Congress lacks decision-making power. Due to the presence of more leaders in the center and the state, the decision could not be taken. Questioning the delay in the induction of Patidar leader Naresh Patel in the Congress, he said that the statements of Congress leaders come in the media every day, due to which the entire Patidar society is being insulted. This Patidar society will not tolerate. It has been two months but till now a decision has not been taken on including Naresh Patel in the party. The Congress high command and the local leadership should take a decision on this immediately.


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