Amazon and Flipkart will no longer dominate e-commerce, small retailers will also be able to sell their goods online easily

Mumbai, 28/4: The picture of e-commerce business can change completely in the coming time. The central government is going to create an open technology network. Due to this, small retailers will also get an opportunity to take full advantage of e-commerce. Their products will also be available to crores of customers on the e-commerce platform. This will curb the rule of big companies like Amazon and Flipkart. This will be the world’s first network of its kind.


Customers will also get the benefit of this. One, they will get a chance to buy goods at the most competitive price. Second, more and more brands, products and services will be available to them on the e-commerce platform. Moneycontrol has published a report in this regard, quoting Bloomberg. It has been said in this report that the government wants to create such an e-commerce platform on which it is possible to buy and sell from soaps worth 10 rupees to airline tickets worth thousands of rupees.


Nandan Nilekani is making a project

Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani is helping the government in building this open technology network. He has already helped the government in the projects of Aadhaar and UPI. Actually, the government’s plan is to end the rule of big companies in the e-commerce business and provide equal opportunity to everyone. Large companies like Amazon and Flipkart have a monopoly in e-commerce.


Everyone’s goods will be sold on the open network

They account for 80 percent of the online retail market. Both these companies attract customers by giving maximum discounts on their platforms. This benefits the customers, but because of this small retailers do not get a chance to flourish. Along with this, the grocery shops of the street have become a threat. Earlier it was limited to big cities only. But now the penetration of these e-commerce companies is increasing even in small cities. Keeping this in mind, the government wants to create an Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC).

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