PM Modi, Biden to meet in Tokyo, wheat export ban up for discussion

Tokyo, 23/5: India’s move to restrict the export of wheat may come up for discussion when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United States President Joe Biden will meet in Tokyo on Tuesday.



Biden is also likely to have “constructive and straightforward” talks with Modi on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, as India continues to refrain from joining the US and other western nations in denouncing President Vladimir Putin of the former Soviet Union nation for ordering the launch of the military offensives against the East European country.


The impact of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine and the consequent supply disruptions on global food security is likely to be on the agenda of the ‘Quad’ summit to be held in Tokyo on the same day. “I’ll just say that food security will be a topic of conversation at the Quad,” Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told journalists on board the Air Force One en route to Tokyo.

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