President Murmu highlights India’s success story in maiden address to nation

New Delhi, 14/5: Insisting that the keyword for India today is compassion for the downtrodden, the needy and those on the margins, President Droupadi Murmu on Sunday asked citizens to pledge everything one can for the country’s “safety, security, progress and prosperity”, saying building a “glorious India” will only make their life meaningful.


In her maiden address to the nation on the eve of Independence Day, Murmu said the passage of 75 years is merely a blink of an eye for a country but for individuals, it is a lifetime as she expressed confidence that the lessons learnt in these years will prove useful as the country move towards the next milestone — the 25 years to the celebration of the centenary of India’s Independence.


“Our beloved country has given us everything we have in our life. We should pledge to give everything we can for the sake of safety, security, progress and prosperity of our country. Our existence will become meaningful only in building a glorious India,” she said and quoted iconic Kannada poet Kuvempu, “I will pass/ So will you/ But on our bones will arise. The great tale of a new India

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