Xiaomi Global Vice President Manu Jain quits

New Delhi, 30/1: In a sudden turn of events, Manu Kumar Jain has announced his exit from the Xiaomi Group.



Though Manu Jain co-founded the Jabbong e-commerce platform in 2013, he was more popular for being the face of the Xiaomi smartphone company in India.


Jain along with Google’s former VP Hugo Barra started the Xiaomi India unit in 2014 and with strategic use of social media platforms and flash sales, it managed to top the smartphone business in India within three years. Even today, Xiaomi continues to lead the market, not just in phones, but also in smart TVs too.


With continued success, IIT Delhi alumini Manu Jain was promoted to vice president (global) and also Managing Director (India). In addition to phones and smart TV, Xiaomi has expanded to consumer electronics segments including speakers, power banks, earphones, smart wearables bands and watches.

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