Collaborative Actions by Odisha Police and JSWBPSL in Sambalpur

Sambalpur / Jharsuguda : On 18th March,2023, a joint road safety session was organized by Mr. Bibhuti Bhushan Dalai, IIC, P.S- Thelkoloi , Mr.Manoj Kumar Singh, Chairman Road & Rail Safety Sub Committee ,JSWBPSL , Mr. Shreyans Jha, Road & Rail Safety Sub Committee, General Services,  Mr. Prafula Kumar Nayak, Safety & Fire Services, Mr.M.K.Mohanti , Mr. Vikash Kumar Mallik ,JSWBPSL  and others. In continuation towards various actions related to Road Safety, Police Officers of P.S-Thelkoloi  , and Officers of JSWBPSL had an awareness session to increase Road Safety Conditions in Thelkoloi area. Besides previous placement of about 20 mobile road barriers, 20 No Parking Signages have been prepared and handed over by JSWBPSL to be placed at strategic locations in the area , to stop accidents due to unauthorized parking etc.

JSWBPSL has developed a big parking area at Lapanga and Sripura area ,for the commercial vehicles coming to/going from the Company with load/empty related to  Raw Material ,Steel Load and other categories .The big parking arrangements for commercial vehicles has not only reduced the accident potential but also creating driving discipline among the drivers through regular safety cum defensive driving training and awareness. Now-a days, most of the time one can see and visualize , that  the drivers of commercial vehicles coming to/going from JSWBPSL ,may be seen wearing safety fluorescent jackets, whenever they come out of the vehicle for any official work .

Frequent visits of police personals in the area , is also making the drivers consistently aware about various does and don’ts related to traffic rules to refrain from any illegal activity.

The police team , under the leadership of IIC –Mr. Bibhuti Bhushan Dalai , is organizing regular check for drunk and drive cases, rash and negligent driving , over speeding, unauthorized parking,  in and around P.S.-Thelkoloi ,area and SH-10 and every day some or the other defaulters are being caught by Police Team. In case of any information related to any type of accident/fire cases,  from anyone,  to Thelkoloi  Police station, The response of Police team is very quick. Police mobilizes the resources like ,Ambulance, Fire Brigade Vehicle, Crane/Hydra etc. with the collaborative support of JSWBPSL ,in quickest possible manner. They are not only helping and supporting the victims but with the support of JSWBPSL Security and Safety Team, the traffic flow also uses to be restored in fastest possible manner.  The proactive approach of police team along with team of JSWBPSL has created a positive environment   in the area towards road safety.

For people around the area, JSWBPSL has also  facilitated various Bus Stop Shelters at strategic locations  , which has further reduced the road accident potentials.

The joint effort by Police and JSWBPSL   towards Road Safety , has been appreciated by all and with the support and involvement  of all ,it will help to achieve zero road accident target in the area.

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