CM Addresses students of Shailabala Women’s college

Cuttack, 25/3:  Today is the birth anniversary of one of the most revered women leaders of the state Shailabala Das. I pay my heartiest tributes to her on this occasion.

In an era, when women were in a deeply marginalized condition, Shailabal Das, the daughter of Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das, was in the forefront of a mass movement for women’s socio-cultural and educational upliftment and empowerment.


The vision of our legendary leaders for the women of our state is now taking shape. Women are now leading every sector of our socio-economic aspects.

From education to research, from sports to art & culture, and from science and technology to trade, commerce and industries, women are pioneering a new era for themselves. I believe, the 21st Century will be the century of women.


As students, you must have your dreams for your own life. I would suggest, never ever compromise on your dreams to settle for smaller things.

You have immense potential; you have all the abilities to change your own life, and can change the future of our Nation. Dream big in life, and do all the hard work to realize your aspirations in life.

The State Government is committed to the development of this institution. A 400-seated hostel with an expenditure of Rs 10 crore was inaugurated for the students, and foundation for a multi storied building, with a projected cost of Rs 35 crore for administrative and academic purposes has also been laid.

We will do all that is required for making this heritage institution one of the most glorious institutions of the country.

I congratulate each and every one associated with the long and remarkable journey of this institute. Each particle of dust of this premises is imbibed with generosity, patriotism and carries on its shoulders the dignity of the culture of Odia people.

I wish glory and success to all.

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