Pankaj Tripathi’s ‘Kaagaz’ trailer released . Watch here

Mumbai, 24/12: The trailer of Pankaj Tripathi’s ‘Kaagaz’ has been released. You will not be able to stop laughing after watching the trailer. But the film is not just a comedy. The film will also make you think.

The film is made in a rural setting. The trailer of the film begins with a funeral scene. People gather at one place when a person asks Pankaj Tripathi, “Who died?” To this Pankaj Tripathi replies – “We are dead!” There are many similar scenes in the paper that will tickle you a lot but the film is not made only on humor. The trailer also has a courtroom scene in which Pankaj Tripathi is seen speaking serious dialogues.

Seeing the trailer, it is clear that this film is the story of a person who has been declared dead in government papers. Pankaj Tripathi i.e. Bharat Lal is engaged in the film to prove that he is alive.

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