Japan to launch wooden satellite in next 3 years

Tokyo, 26/12 (AO Bureau) Even among Corona, we did many important things in the space world this year. Japan seems to be leading the way. It has announced to launch a satellite made of wood soon. According to Japan, this will prevent pollution in space. It is being called eco-friendly satellite, which is planned to be brought by 2023.

Japan has been very sensitive about the environment and is now going to do a surprising work by bringing a wooden satellite. Kyoto University and Sumitomo Forestry have started work on it together. They want that such a satellite can be produced as soon as possible, which will cause the least pollution in space.

Man-made things are stored in space
This step is considered to be very important in order to stop pollution. Let us know that not only is the Earth falling victim to climate change, but it can also come soon in space. The reason for this is that so far more than 23,000 man-made things have accumulated in the race to overtake each other by installing satellites there. This is the junk of old and damaged satellites, which is moving from here to there. This junk can also prove to be a big threat to the satellites working properly.

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