What is Black Fungus? How it is harmful to Corona Patients?

Rajkot, 25/12(AO Bureau)  The Gujarat government has issued an advisory, appealing to people to be careful while showing signs of black fungus. By the way, this advisory has been released for doctors, which tells how this rare infection is seen in people who have already become weak due to corona. Black fungus is also dangerous because it has about 50 percent mortality. And even after avoiding this, there are many apprehensions of the patient’s eyes going from light to distorted face.

After Ahmedabad and Rajkot, such cases have also come up in Delhi, Mumbai. In Delhi, about half of the patients lost their eyesight. So, after Corona, has any new disease come to the world. No, this disease was already known, but earlier its cases were not so common.

Actually, black fungus infection occurs only to those with weak disease resistance. Now that many people have become weak due to the corona attack, this fungal infection also increased. Whereas earlier this disease was more affecting the people and elderly people undergoing chemotherapy, uncontrolled sugar, any kind of transplant.

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