NCP supports Shiv Sena

Mumbai, 26/12 (AO Bureau): After the editorial printed in the Sena mouthpiece Saamana, the politics have become hot. On Saturday, NCP MP Majeed Memon has also supported the statement made in the encounter. Memon has claimed that the UPA has become weaker after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power. He has claimed that under the leadership of Sharad Pawar, the opposition can become stronger. Significantly, in an editorial published in Saamana , Shiv Sena had asked to hand over the command of UPA to the National Congress Party chief and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Sharad Pawar.

NCP also believes UPA is weak
After the article published in the editorial, a political debate has started regarding the UPA’s command. Rakampa MP Majeed Memon said that the UPA has been said to be weak, there is a lot of truth in it. Apart from this, Memon has told the growing strength of BJP due to the weakness of UPA. He said that after 2014, in 2019, under the leadership of Modi, BJP increased its strength further and this proves that UPA has become weaker.

Apart from this, the NCP MP also talked about the ongoing differences in the Congress party. He said that a lot of differences have emerged in the leadership of Congress, in the face of what Sharad Pawarji has mentioned, I understand that his personality today is more than any politician in the country. Memon has described Sharad Pawar as a strong leader in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He claimed that ‘if any power emerges in front of Modji, then it seems appropriate if Sharad Pawar leads him’. He also said that if Pawarji takes over the leadership of the opposition, then the opposition can become stronger.

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