PM Modi flagged off 100 Kisan Trains

Sangola, 28/12(AO Bureau) : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday flagged off the 100th ‘Kisan Rail’ running from Sangola in Maharashtra to Shalimar in West Bengal (West Bengal). After flagging off the trains, the Prime Minister said that even after the challenge of Corona, in four months this train network of farmers has reached the figure of 100. The farmers of Maharashtra have got the facility of transporting their produce to Bengal and the farmers of Bengal. The train connecting the country is now transporting the goods of the farmers from here to there. The Prime Minister said that small and marginal farmers are also benefiting from this because there is no limit of goods in it. That is, a small part of the product is also reaching the big markets.

Prime Minister Modi said that I have come to know that a 3 kg consignment of pomegranate of a farmer and 17 dozen eggs of a chicken foster have also been transported through this train. PM Modi said that the Kisan Rail Service is also a big step towards increasing the income of the farmers of the country. This will bring a big change in the economy related to agriculture. Due to this the strength of the country’s cold supply chain. This work shows our commitment to serving the farmers. But this is also proof of how fast our farmers are ready for new possibilities.

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