Bharat Masala nominated for State Export Award for the fourth time in a row

Cuttack,  13/1 (AO Bureau):   Bharat Masala has created a revolution in the field of spices by producing spicy and healthy foods. For the fourth time in a row, Pvt Ltd has been nominated by the state government for the State Export Award. Already for the period 2015-16, 2016-17, the state government awarded the State Export award to the Bharat Masala, while in 2017-18 and for 2018-19, Bharat Masala has been selected for this Export Award.

Bharat Masla has achieved excellence not only in our state but also in other states. For this, the State government’s  Directorate of Export Promotion and marketing has nominated  Bharat Masala for State Export Award. Director S.K Jena has informed the Managing Director of Jay Bharat Spices.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will award the winners very soon in a ceremony. Mr. Jena stated that during the pandemic Jay Bharat Spices Pvt Ltd followed all the COVID-19 guidelines and exported 80-100 tonnes of its products.

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