Indian govt asks WhatsApp to withdraw Privacy Policy

New Delhi, 19/1 (AO Bureau): In a major development,  the Government of India has asked the messaging App Whatsapp to withdraw their new Privacy Policy for Indian Users. The Central Government has written a letter to Whatsapp’s global CEO Will Cathcart regarding the issue.

The people related to the matter said what the ministry conveyed to the company.

“The new policy of WhatsApp proposes to share the metadata of users’ chat with business accounts with other Facebook companies. It would create a honeypot of information about users with the Facebook group which can create security risks and vulnerabilities for users.”

They added “Ministry further objects to the all-or-nothing approach of WhatsApp that forces users to accept the new service terms and privacy policies, without giving an option to the users to opt-out of this proposed change of integrating user data with other Facebook companies,”


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