Coronavirus vaccine has 600 side-effects , Health Minister Says It is Normal

New Delhi, 21/1 (AO Bureau): In order to win the battle of Corona in the country, the Vaccine Campaign has been started on 16 January. Today is the sixth day of the first phase of Corona Vaccination and so far 6.31 lakh Corona Warriors have been vaccinated. Meanwhile, news has come that about 600 people in the country have seen side effects of the corona vaccine. There have also been reports of death in some states after the introduction of the corona vaccine. However, the exact cause of death has not been known yet.

Talking about the side effects coming after the corona vaccination, Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that the truth is that the vaccine is completely safe and effective. He said that all the side effects that have been reported so far are normal. Some side effects were told before vaccination. This happens in any vaccination.
Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said, if it is necessary to eliminate corona, then it is necessary to get the vaccine. It is unfortunate that some people are spreading wrong things about vaccination in order to take political advantage. He said that its effect has been seen in many places and some people are reluctant to get vaccinated. The government will not play with anyone’s health at all. It is our responsibility to keep everyone safe.

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