Odisha CM announces to make Konark heritage region of International Standard

Bhubaneswar, 21/1 (AO Bureau): After the announcement of  Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik’  to make Puri a world heritage city,  work has been underway. A draft plan for the development of the Konark Heritage Area has been prepared as a part of that order

Every day, many tourists come to Konark from all over the world. The Chief Minister has therefore directed to make infrastructure development in the Konark region an international standard. Today, a presentation was made by Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik on behalf of the State Public Works Department on various aspects of this. The public will be able to comment on the plan within 21 days.

The Konark Temple is a unique example of Kalinga architecture. This unique thirteenth-century monument by the Langula king of the Ganges dynasty, Narasimha Dev, has attracted tourists from all over the world for its incredible art and sculpture.

Although the main part of the temple dedicated to Lord Surya has been demolished, the beauty of the facade is still exalting the craftsmanship of Odisha’s artisans and artisans.

The temple symbolizes the prosperity of the then Odisha. The image of the giraffe in the temple’s interior also mentions the relationship of the then Odisha with the African countries.

UNESCO has recognized Konark as a World Heritage Site in the 19th century. It is the moral responsibility of all of us to protect this great cultural heritage.

The state government is planning to launch the heritage project under five programs to protect the temple, protect it and attract more and more tourists.

The main objectives of the project are to protect the dignity of the Konark Sun Temple, a unique experience for tourists, the economic development of local businesses, and the development of the tourism district of Konark, along with the tourism district of Puri and the entire state.

It focuses on integrating the infrastructure development of the surrounding area of ​​the Konark temple with this ancient heritage.

The three-and-a-half-kilometer outer ring road will be constructed with six-lane roads, and all roads leading to the temple will be developed to accommodate passengers from Bhubaneswar to Konark.

The magnificent Konark Entry Plaza will be built. In addition, a multi-modal hub will be built for vehicle parking.
The Konark Space Theater will be redesigned. Along with the beautification of the heritage area, special roads will also be built for pedestrians.

The meeting was informed that the Konark Yojana reflects the aspirations of the local people as well as the global vision for heritage preservation and development.
The meeting was attended by the Chief Minister’s Secretary  Shri V.K. Pandian conducted the programme. Minister Tushar Kanti Behera, Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra, and senior officials were present.

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