Big News From UP: Yogi government will withdraw cases filed in covid 19 pandemic

UP, 28/1 (AO Bureau):The Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh is going to give a big relief to the common people including the traders of UP. The state government is preparing to remove the cases filed against traders and others for breaking COVID-19 and lockdown. The Law Ministry of UP has issued guidelines to the officials. After this decision of the government, now the people of UP will not have to run the police and court race in cases of breaking corona and lockdown. The government has decided that the cases filed against traders as well as other people will be removed.

The details of the cases filed across the state are being collected

Uttar Pradesh Law Minister Brajesh Pathak has issued instructions to officials on Thursday. The Law Ministry has issued a directive to the Principal Secretary, asking him to collect details of the cases filed across the state.

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