Delhi Police arrested 44 people involved in Republic Day violence

New Delhi, 30/1 (AO Bureau) : In a major development in the Republic Day Violence case, the Delhi Police on Friday arrested 44 people, including the man who attacked the cops with a sword during the clash at the Singhu border. A clash took place at the Singhu border when a group of men claiming to be locals marched toward’s the farmer’s camp and attacked them despite heavy police security.

The man with the sword is believed to be a farmer who attacked a group that barged into the protest site in Singhu Border and vandalized their camps and destroyed their washing machines. The police had to fire tear gas shells and use batons to end the clash between farmers and a large group of men who threw stones at each other. Several civilians and Police were injured in the clash. Delhi Police officer Pradeep Paliwal was injured severely.

The Farmer’s Union leaders have alleged the Government’s involvement in disturbing the peaceful Farmers’ Protest. The leaders have asked for people’s support as they are observing a fast from 9 am to 5 pm on Mahatma Gandhi’s Death Anniversary on Saturday. Thousands of farmers are expected to join the fast.

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