PM Modi Congratulated Finance Minister and her team

New Delhi, 1/2 (AO Bureau) :The budget of the country has been presented in Parliament on Monday. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and her team. At the same time, he has said that such budgets can be made very less. He said that it will benefit people and many areas. During this, he also mentioned the announcements made about farmers and women. The special thing is that the coronavirus epidemic (Corona Virus) made the general budget of this time very special. Unlike the traditional method, Sitharaman adopted the paperless method and presented the budget through the tab.

Our farmers are at the heart of the budget
The special thing is that the farmer issue is hot in the country regarding the new agricultural laws. After the presentation of the budget, the Prime Minister also talked about the farmers. He said, ‘To strengthen the agricultural sector in the country, a lot of emphases has been laid on increasing the income of farmers. Farmers will be able to get more loans easily. He said, ‘Provision has been made to strengthen the mandis of the country. All these decisions show that at the heart of this budget are villages, our farmers

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