Are you afraid of Corona vaccine? Coronavirus tablet to be developed soon

For the Coronavirus vaccine, people can now be given the tablet instead of injection soon. Scientists at Oxford University are working on it. Sarah Gilbert, the chief developer of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, said that she has started working with her team on the injection-free vaccine. This news has been published in the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’.

While telling the ‘House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’ about the research, Professor Gilbert said, “Many flu vaccines are given through nasal spray and we are working to prepare a corona vaccine that works in a similar way.” They told that vaccination through the mouth is also under consideration and those who have trouble with the injection can take the vaccine through a tablet.

In fact, scientists are trying to find a vaccine against Kovid-19, which is like a nasal spray given to children in fever or a tablet given during polio vaccination. However, Professor Gilbert said that it may take some time to develop such a vaccine against the coronavirus because tests related to safety and effectiveness will have to be done. According to the news, the clinical of the tablet has been started in the US, while the trial of nasal spray is going on in the UK.

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