Naxal Attack Threat on Assembly Elections!

New Delhi, 8/3 (AO Bureau): The threat of the Naxalite attack has also started looming in the midst of increased electoral movements in the wake of assembly elections in five states of the country. Based on the input of the country’s intelligence agencies, an alert has also been issued to the police of the five states. According to intelligence agency sources, Naxalites may try to disrupt the election process of five states. At the same time, the biggest threat of the Naxalite attack is on West Bengal.

After the decreasing strength of the Naxalites in Bengal, their organization is trying to revive the Eastern Regional Bureau. For the past few years here, his organization has been steadily weakening. In such a situation, a lot of effort is being made to activate it immediately before the elections. According to the information received by the intelligence agencies, the Eastern Regional Bureau, an organization of Naxalites, is trying to collect weapons in the states adjacent to Bengal and supply them in Bengal during elections. The states of Bihar and Jharkhand come under the Eastern Regional Bureau branch of Naxalites, whose border is adjacent to West Bengal. During the last 4 months, the movement and activism of Naxalite commanders in Jharkhand and Bihar have been seen a lot.

This is how we used the old strategy of Naxalites
According to former BSF IG Ajmal Singh Katach, this is the result of the old strategy of the Naxalites, they keep trying to register their presence in the states where elections are to be held. Presently the level of surveillance is low in Bihar and Jharkhand, so you want to increase your activity and enter Bengal.

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