Sarbanand Sonowal’s property increased by 71%

Assam, 10/3 (Ao bureau)The movable and immovable property of Assam Chief Minister Sarbanand Sonowal has risen by more than 71 percent since the 2016 assembly elections. However, Sonowal (59) has not purchased any new immovable property. But, his bank deposits have increased more than three times from Rs 12,13,320 in 2016 to Rs 38,02,498.

Sonowal has announced his total assets of Rs 3.17 crore in his affidavit submitted as a BJP candidate for the 2021 state assembly elections from Majuli (reserved) seat. It was Rs 1.85 crore in 2016 and has increased by Rs 1,32,26,475. Sonowal’s movable assets have increased to Rs 1.14 crore in 2021, from Rs 70.44 lakh in 2016. At the same time, he had mentioned immovable property in the affidavit of the last election to Rs 1.15 crore, which has now increased to more than Rs 2.02 crore.

Sonowal does not have any private vehicle
His cash amount has come down to Rs 39,030, while in 2016 it was Rs 94,597. He has not bought any jewelry in the last five years. In both elections, they have declared to have 30 grams of gold. In both elections, he has declared no vehicle. He also has a total liability of Rs 27,29,460.

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