Now you can earn money from Facebook , Know the details

If you want to earn money from social media, then there is good news for you. The world’s largest social media platform Facebook is giving people a chance to earn money. Facebook Inc on Thursday said that it will allow content creators on its platform to monetize short-form videos through advertisements. The company has announced this through a blog. It has been told in the company’s blog that Facebook will now help the creators to make more money. Where creators will be able to make money through advertising by making short videos. The company is planning for this. Apart from this, Facebook has also told that in which ways people can earn on Facebook. Let’s know in detail what Facebook said-

The company is now increasing the demonetization option for content creators on social networks. According to the company, users on Facebook will be able to earn money by making videos up to one minute. However, the condition is that this one minute video must play at least 30 seconds of advertising. At the same time, for a video of three minutes or longer, a 45-second ad should be shown. This means that your favorite creators will get more money from their videos. Let me tell you that earlier on videos of only three minutes or longer, people could earn with advertisements, in which no advertisement was shown before one minute.

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