Shocking : Honor killing in Madhya Pradesh

MP, 12/3 (AO Bureau): A sensational incident has come to light in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. A new story has emerged in this case of honor killing. Brother-in-law accused brother-in-law Dheeraj has told the police the whole incident of vandalism. Dheeraj told the police that his brother-in-law used to harass his sister. Dheeraj cut the 40-year-old Vijet with a sharp smile. He attacked him after running about 500 meters.

Dheeraj told the police that as soon as Vijet fell on the ridge of the field, he inflicted 15 to 16 blows on it and stopped only after the head was separated. Dheeraj said- I was determined that today he is not or I am not. Please tell that 40-year-old Vijet was married to Pooja, 21 years younger than her. The Tilwara police have seized Hansian-sharp-edged weapon and its clothes etc. used in the murder in the spotlight of the accused Dheeraj.

Vijet showed Sasab Bagh to the sister – accused
Accused Dheeraj Shukla said that his sister Pooja was shown a dream by Vijet and got married. Vijet also started beating her up. On Sunday, her sister left her and came to her maternal home. Despite this, Vijet had been roaming around the house for two days.
… and ran after picking up the sickle

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