Supreme Court issued a notice to Election Commission and Central Government

New Delhi, 15/3 (Ao Bureau): The Supreme Court on Monday issued a notice to the Election Commission and the Central Government, asking if at some point most people press the button of NOTA (none of them) on the voting machine at the time of elections. The election of should be canceled and a fresh election should be held.

Currently, NOTA has no effect on elections. It is only to express the displeasure of the voter. Voters tell through this that they do not like any candidate and they did not vote for anyone. Actually, this case is related to the right to reject.

In this connection, the option of NOTA was given in the elections. That is, if a voter does not like any candidate, then he can give his vote by pressing the button on NOTA. But NOTA has no value. In the hearing held on Monday, the petitioner’s counsel Maneka Guruswamy said that even if 99 percent of the voters press the button on NOTA, it is of no importance. The votes of the remaining one percent voters decide who will win the election.

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