No CAA in Assam, if Congress elected to power: Rahul Gandhi

Assam, 19/3 (AO Bureau): In view of the Assam Assembly Election 2021, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi held talks with college children on Friday. During this time, Rahul said that Congress will ensure that the citizenship law (as amended) will not apply in the state. In Dibrugarh, Rahul Gandhi said that you think democracy is declining. Youth is unemployed, farmers are protesting, CAA is there. If they are in the central government, they cannot ask the people of Assam to forget their culture, language. A power born in Nagpur is trying to control the entire country.

BJP spreads hatred to divide people- Rahul
Rahul said, ‘Democracy means – the voice of Assam should rule Assam. If we do not include students, then there can be no democracy. The youth should actively participate in politics and fight for Assam. You have to fight with love rather than stones and sticks. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi told the college students that BJP spreads hatred to divide people.

The Wayanad MP said that what is happening in the affairs of the airport is also happening in the tea gardens. When our government was there, we gave security to Assam. Thousands of crores of special packages, investment policy in which if anyone wants to invest, we used to give subsidies. He was canceled.

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