Rahul Gandhi releases manifesto for Assam election

Assam, 20/3 (AO Bureau)Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi released the party’s manifesto for the Assam Assembly Elections at the Congress office in Guwahati, Assam. In which, it has been promised to cancel the CAA, provide five lakh government jobs, give two thousand rupees monthly to housewives and 200 units of electricity free of cost.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi said in Assam’s Jorhat that the price of a gas cylinder was Rs 400 in the UPA government, now it is worth 900 in the NDA government. Who is benefiting from this? Not just the poor, only 2-3 industrialists of the country are benefiting. Their tax, loan are all being forgiven but nothing is being done for you.

Rahul Gandhi hit out at the BJP, accusing it of attacking Assam’s culture, language, history and brotherhood. Also, he promised to end hatred and bring peace when his party came to power in the state after the assembly elections. Addressing an election meeting at Mariani in Jorhat district, Rahul alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working not just for the common man, but only for the 2-3 richest industrialists of the country.

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