Nikita Tomar Murder Case: Judge transferred just 18hours before pronouncement of verdict

UP, 26/3 (AO Bureau)The judge who sentenced the culprits on Friday in the Nikita Tomar Murder Case has been transferred from Rewari to Faridabad. The judge has been transferred just 18 hours before the sentencing. On March 24, Tausif and Rehan were convicted by the court in the Nikita murder case. Both were to be sentenced on Friday i.e. March 26, 151 days after the murder. Now after the transfer of the judge, there will be confusion over whether the verdict will be pronounced on Friday or not.

Nikita Tomar murder case, the court gave its verdict. The accused Tausif, Rehan, and Azharuddin were presented in the fast track court at four o’clock in the evening. This was the last case in all the cases heard on Wednesday. Azharuddin, who first provided the gunman to the accused, was acquitted. Along with this, the bail bond was filed under Section 346 of CrPC.

The judgment pronounced on the testimony of 55 witnesses
Significantly, Nikita Tomar was a student of BCom Final Year. On 26 October, she was tried to kidnap her in an I-10 car while she was exiting the Aggarwal College in Ballabgarh after giving her final exam. When Nikita protested this, the accused shot her. In this incident, he died on the spot. This entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the college. The police arrested three accused during the investigation, including Tausif, Rehan, and Azharuddin. The statements of about 55 witnesses were recorded in this case.

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