Odisha government announces guidelines for Utkal Divas celebration

Bhubaneswar, 27/3 (AO Bureau): Coronavirus is on the rise in the state. Even today, the number of positives has exceeded 200, and the administration is worried. This time ‘Utkal Divas ’ will be celebrated amidst restriction. The SRC has issued guidelines for the celebration of Utkal Day on April 1. There will be no big rallies on Utkal Divas

The government has canceled the cultural program. A maximum of 200 people is allowed to participate in the government program. It is mandatory to follow the Covid guidelines and wear a mask. Other institutions must obtain permission to celebrate Utkal Day. The program can take place with the permission of the district commissioner or commissioner. Strict action will be taken if Covid violates the law, the SRC said.

Large congregation for the celebration of `Utkal Divas’ and associated cultural programs shall not be allowed throughout the State.
The official meeting/ celebration of Utkal Divas shall be made with a maximum of 200 participants. COVID- 19 safety protocols like social distancing, use of masks, use of soap, and water/ sanitizers shall be strictly adhered to. Other activities during the day shall be avoided. Other organizations and private institutions willing to observe `Utkal Divas’ shall take prior approval from the local Administration i.e., Collector or Municipal
Commissioner or any officer duly authorized by the Collector/ MunicipalCommissioner in this regard, subject to the above ceiling and strictly adhering to COVID- 19 safety protocols.

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