Bollywood Actress Kirron Kher diagonised with cancer

Mumbai, 1/4 (AO Bureau): A piece of sad news is coming out from the Bollywood corridors once again. Bollywood actress and Bharatiya Janata Party MP Kirron Kher is suffering from a type of blood cancer. These days he is in Mumbai, where he is undergoing treatment. Kirron Kher is also a BJP MP from Chandigarh. On March 31, state BJP President Arun Sood answered the Congress’s questions on the absence of MP Kiran Kher and during this time, he has said that Kiran Kher has cancer, which shocked everyone.

Kirron Kher has multiple myeloma, which is a type of blood cancer. The actress is undergoing treatment in Mumbai. However, so far no official information has been revealed on this from the family of the actress.

In fact, addressing a specially convened press conference on Wednesday (March 31), Chandigarh BJP President Arun Sood said that 68-year-old Bollywood actress and MP Kiran Kher was diagnosed with the disease last year, currently after treatment. Getting well That is why she will not be able to come to the city (Chandigarh) for the next few days. However, Sood also said that now his situation is better.

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