All employees of Oxygen plant tested Corona positive

Muzaffarpur, 24/4 (AO Bureau):The entire campus of Jeevanadayini Oxygen Plant in Muzaffarpur, Bihar has been hit by Kovid. 6 workers and officers working in this plant have been found to be Corona Infected. In fact, the number of visitors to the plant these days has increased significantly. The number of hospital workers, oxygen dealer personnel and relatives of patients suffering from corona are also significant among those coming to the plant. In such a situation, it is being speculated that the coronavirus infection is spread by these people. At the same time, Kovid test is being done for all the workers working in the plant. While the entry of those coming from outside has been banned. The entire campus is being sanitized regularly and security has been increased by placing a guard at its gate.

Let me tell you that not only Muzaffarpur but also the whole of Bihar is not taking the name of the havoc of the rate of corona infection, on the other hand, the death toll is increasing rapidly. In the last 24 hours till Friday evening, 54 patients across the state died of the corona. The highest number of deaths occurred in NMCH where junior doctors were on strike since Thursday night and a total of 24 people died here in 24 hours. 7 patients died in PMCH and 5 in Patna AIIMS. Within 48 hours across the state, 113 people died in the cheeks of Kaal.

Affecting the youth too
At the same time, the rate of recovery in the state is also declining sharply. It has come down to 79.28 percent. Those who died mostly consisted of senior citizens who had trouble breathing after being positive and died during treatment. According to IMA Executive Chairman Dr. Ajay Kumar, the other strains of Corona are so deadly that those who already have a serious illness are mostly harming them. While the new strain virus is also affecting children and young people. Even life is being lost.
Can also be taken to the hospital

Dr. Ajay said that as soon as the patients are becoming positive, then within 3 to 4 days, there is difficulty in breathing and the oxygen level starts going down. Even the lives of most people are going down due to oxygen levels going down and lung infections. He appealed to the people and said that it is necessary that people should buy oximeters in every house and after getting positive, they should check oxygen from time to time. This can provide oxygen at the level down and can also be taken to the hospital if needed.

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