BMC releases helpline number

Bhubaneswar, 26/4 9AO Bureau0In the capital, Bhubaneswar, the incidence of Coronavirus  is on the rise. In view of this, the beds were arranged in 4 hospitals. The BMC commissioner said the number of beds was being increased gradually.

It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. Hospitals have enough beds in various departments. However, the 1929 helpline number is being used to fill the beds. Many people have also been admitted for treatment through the RRT. A few days later, a technical error occurred on the 1929 helpline, which did not work for some time. So all these errors have been solved. Residents of Bhubaneswar will be able to avail the 1929 helpline number service.

People will depend on Bhubaneswar after it is announced that people from outside the district will not be able to go to the gates of heaven. The question arose as to whether preparations had been made for this. So much attention has been paid to all these aspects. The BMC also said that the crematorium would be set up in the Salem area as soon as possible.

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