State to buy vaccines for 18-45 vaccination drive

New Delhi,28/4(AO Bureau): The fourth phase of vaccination for vaccination of adults (Vaccination Drive 4th Phase) is going to start in the country from May 1. Before the start of the fourth phase, the states have suffered a major setback. The Center has made it clear that the vaccine given by the Center cannot be used for the population below 45 years of age. The Health Ministry has said, “No other than the existing priority groups will be vaccinated with the supply of vaccines from the Government of India.” That is, to vaccinate 18+, the states will have to buy the vaccine themselves.

According to a media report, a letter written by Additional Secretary Manohar Aghani states, ‘50% of the vaccine from the manufacturer is supplied to the Government of India. These vaccines will be given to the States / UTs for the existing priority beneficiaries only, i.e. these vaccines can only be vaccinated for Health Care Workers (HCWs), Front Line Workers (FLWs) and persons above 45 years of age.

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