Sania Mirza was suffering from depression

New Delhi, 11/5 (Ao Bureau): India’s star tennis player Sania Mirza hit the world with Indian tennis. The picture of this game changed in the country. 6-time Grand Slam winner Sania is an inspiration to millions of people today, but there was a time in her life when she felt herself lost. Because of which she remained in depression for months. But he did not accept his defeat and with the help of family, stood again, fought and won. In an interview on YouTube channel Mind Matters, Sania revealed that she had gone into depression after being ruled out of the 2008 Beijing Olympics due to a wrist injury. Due to this injury, he had to stay away from the court for almost a year. She had come under so much stress that for almost a month, she did not even come out of the room to eat food.


The tennis tennis player said that when I was out of the 2008 Beijing Olympics due to a wrist injury, I was under stress for 3 to 4 months. I remember crying without any reason. I was absolutely fine, yet tears would come in my eyes. I remember that for about a month I did not even come out of my room, not even to eat food. I felt at that time that I would never be able to play tennis anymore.

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