BJP leader Sonali Guha seeks forgiveness from Mamata

Kolkatta, 22/5 (AO Bureau): Former TMC MLA Sonali Guha, who quit TMC and joined BJP before the Bengal Assembly elections, wrote a letter to Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee apologizing for leaving the party and requested the TMC chief to re-join the party. Sonali has shared this letter to Mamta on Twitter and said that she left the TMC after getting emotional. In the letter, she wrote, “I am writing this letter with a broken heart that in sentimentality I decided to join another party, where I cannot feel comfortable.”

In her letter written in Bengali, Sonali wrote, “Just as a fish cannot live without water, so didi I cannot live without you. I am apologizing to you and I will not be able to live if you do not forgive me Please allow me to return to the party and spend the rest of my life under your blessings. ”

Let me tell you that Sonali Guha, who was a four-time MLA from TMC, was once considered a shadow of Mamata Banerjee, but before the 2021 assembly elections, Sonali Guha decided to join BJP. Sonali’s decision came at a time when TMC did not include her in its list of candidates. After this, Sonali Guha cracked up on TMC in a TV program and later joined BJP.

Although Guha did not contest the assembly elections, but said that she would work to strengthen the BJP’s organization. In a conversation with NDTV after a letter to Mamta, Sonali said that she felt herself ‘unvoted’ in the BJP. He said, “My decision to join BJP was wrong, I am feeling this today. I don’t even think it right to tell BJP about leaving the party. I have always felt myself unwanted in BJP. They gave me love Wanted to use against. But I did not do that. ”
Former deputy speaker of the West Bengal assembly Guha said that she would meet Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to rejoin the TMC. Guha said that next week I will go to meet Mamta Banerjee at her residence and talk to her.

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