Central Government to maintain hard approach on Twitter

New Delhi, 27/5 (AO Bureau):The central government has become tight on the lazy attitude of the social media website Twitter for following the new digital rules of Twitter. On this, Twitter said that the company is concerned about the potential threat to the safety of employees and freedom of expression in India. At the same time, she said that she will try to follow the laws of the land in India to continue her services. On this, the central government has assured that the representatives of all social media companies, including Twitter, are completely safe in India.

‘Twitter statement baseless, false and trying to discredit the country’

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeIT) said that there is neither a threat to the security of employees of any social media company in India, nor will there be any further risk. The government said that Twitter’s statement is baseless, false and an attempt to discredit India. In this way the company is trying to hide its flaws and mistakes. Apart from this, the company is trying unsuccessfully to impose its conditions on the world’s largest democracy. Twitter is constantly trying to make India’s law system inferior by not following the rules.
The ministry explicitly said that Trivetar should stop talking hollow and baseless and follow Indian law. The ministry said that making laws and policies is the sovereign right of the country. Twitter is just a social media platform. Therefore, he has no right to tell what the law or policies of India should be like. Let us know that the new digital rules issued by the Center were notified on 25 February 2021. The social media platforms were given three months to implement them, which is completed on 25 May. According to the guidelines, if companies fail to follow the rules then they will have to face action.

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