PM’s big meeting on Afghanistan, preparations to bring Indians from Kabul by charter plane!

New Delhi, 17/8 : Efforts are being made to evacuate the people trapped in Afghanistan due to the occupation of Taliban. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the situation in Afghanistan. Amit Shah is also present in this meeting. The situation in Afghanistan is being discussed in the meeting. Talks are also being held on how to rescue the Indians who are trapped in Afghanistan.



Information has been received from sources that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is closely monitoring this whole situation. PM Modi is in touch with officials regarding the situation of Indians in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Modi reviewed the entire situation late last night. He was also informed about the flight taking off from Afghanistan. PM Modi directed that adequate arrangements should be made to provide food to all the people returning to Jamnagar.


At the same time, information has been received from sources that for evacuation to bring back Indians from Kabul, India parked its C-17 at Ayni Air Base in Tajikistan as there was a huge crowd at Kabul airport in Afghanistan. So Indian aircraft were on standby at Ayani Air Base and took off for Kabul when cleared by the US which controls Kabul airport.


Sources said that India is also exploring the option of hiring charter planes to evacuate more Indians from Afghanistan. Sources said India will wait and see how inclusive the government formation will be and how the Taliban will conduct themselves. India will also see how other democracies react to the Taliban regime.


On the other hand, on Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the visa facility for people belonging to Afghanistan will continue under the e-emergency visa facility. The ministry said it has received requests from leaders of the Afghan Sikh and Hindu communities and is in touch with them.

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